‘Africanize’ Ukudansa Offers: A facilitators P.O.V

One of the best of many things about any workshop will always be the participants, and their willingness to engage with concepts in varied mediums. Ukudansa served many memorable moments and defined dance as a medium to effectively engage with an African collection. With this in mind, I believe Africanize continues to prove itself as […]

Africanize: What It Is

This article, in many ways, aims to offer insight into a project thinking brain; to allow discovery of what Africanize is and what it could be. What it is, is a deconstructed formula detailing the genesis of the idea.  For Academics: Africanize as an artist response project examines in detail how uncomfortable discussions can be […]

‘Africanize’ Art Mirroring Purpose 

On purpose with purpose  It matters not where WE reside, so long as we know that we came outside for a purpose.  It matters not where SOMETHING resides, so long as it remembers itself in due time; Its true-self, plus it’s renewed sense. self garnished with new smoke, a different type of pollution.  The art […]

‘Africanize’ Harakati Offers: A facilitators P.O.V

Disclaimer  The purpose of this workshop was to engage with the University of Birmingham’s Research & Cultural Collections (RCC) African collection of artworks and artefacts. Practising use of voice and body as a methodology, canvas & platform; participants and researchers are encouraged to come together to embody the nuances around the existence of the collection […]

‘Africanize’ Oriki Offers: A facilitators P.O.V

A length of gratitude has to be expressed for everyone who has offered their creative inputs to the Africanize Oriki Poetry workshop. It was a playful room that participants joined on an evening housed in the University of Birmingham’s The Exchange – a venue specifically for communities to come together and offer & receive ideas, […]

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