The Jamie Iddon Award for Emerging Artists 

In 2021, Blast Theory’s friend and artist Jamie Iddon passed away. One of  Jamie’s last wishes was to help artists who are trying to get started, and The Jamie Iddon Award for Emerging Artists was created in part to fulfil that wish.  This award provides grants of up to £3000 to artists to create a  […]

 £1000 for Creatives of Colour in the UK- Grand Plan Fund

For creatives, by creatives is the way Grand Plan describes itself. Since May 2021, the fund has helped almost 100 individuals realise their creative dreams, including funding the writing of children’s books, short film production, Indian classical dance, pottery kilns, Trans music nights and Black community archives.  The organisation has recently reopened its Creatives of […]

Ways of repair :Loss and Repair -Residency

The climate crisis is the largest issue that this generation will have to face. It has the potential to cause long-lasting loss and damage even within areas that are not immediately obvious.   Ways of repair: loss and damage are seeking to address this, providing a year-long residency to artists in the UK who wish to […]

The Victoria Wood Playwriting Prize for Comedy- Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Situated in the city’s heart, Birmingham’s Repertory Theatre is a world-class institution producing inclusive, exciting, and exceptional content. In partnership with the Victoria Wood Foundation, the Rep is facilitating the UK’s only playwriting competition dedicated to the art of Comedy. Submitted Scripts must be full-length (upwards of 70 minutes), contain more than one act and […]

The Phoenix Rising Project- creative access

The Phoenix is a weekly magazine for 7–14-year-olds that’s packed with incredible comics and drawing guides that inspire kids to get reading, writing, and drawing.In collaboration with Creative Access, the magazine is running the Phoenix Rising Project, an initiative whose aim is to address the chronic underrepresentation of minority groups within the industry.  The magazine […]

UpRising-  Environmental leadership programme 

Co-founded in 2008, UpRising was set up in the face of the last economic shock to address systemic underrepresentation in leadership positions.  Off the back of its successful programme, Our Bright Futures, the organisation is launching its brand new Environmental Leadership Programme. In collaboration with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and funded by National Lottery Fund, the […]


For Artists by Artists …. Thats one of the first thing that come to mind when reading about Maia Group.  The organisation has been  kicking around since 2013  and centres arts and social  justice within its every day practice.  The organisation is currently hiring for several pro-rata positions that are listed below:

Supporting Act Foundation- Creative Bursary

Who hasn’t heard of WeTransfer at this point? It’s an artists best friend enabling the easy transfer of work without the hassle of memory sticks and hardrives. Did you know that  they have been helping artists in other ways too? The Supporting Act Foundation is an entity established by WeTransfer in 2021. In an endevor […]

Kids In Musuems-Young Trustee

Museums have for a long time not been seen as the domain of children. Kids in Museums have made it their mission to change this. Since their  founding  in 2003, they  have led significant change in the sector, with family friendliness and the active involvement of young people central to their work. The organisation is […]

New Arts Exchange-Governance Opportunity

Nestled in the heart of Nottingham is the award-winning and internationally renowned creative space known as New Art Exchange. Since their conception, this organisation has been dedicated to challenging the status quo and championing culturally diverse creative arts.  At the end of this month,New Arts Exchange ( NAE)  will provide the opportunity for young creatives […]

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